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Mares Carbon Octopus, Yellow Features

  • Maximum Performance with Lightness
  • Second Stage Case 100% SMC Carbon
  • Highly-Resistant Octopus for Demanding Divers
  • Increased Thermal Conductivity: Natural Breathing, Reducing Troublesome Dry Mouth
  • Hi-Viz Yellow Purge Cover and Hose
  • Vortex Assist Design (V.A.D.) System
  • VAD:
    Air Bypass Tube Conveys Air to Mouthpiece Creating Swirling Vortex
    Low-Pressure Area Center Keeps Diaphragm Down During Inhalation
    Very Sensitive and Easy Breathing At-All-Depths
  • "Mesh-Grid" System:
    Water Inflow and Outflow
    Provides Further Performance Improvement
    Reduces Pressure of Water Flowing onto Diaphragm
    Minimizes Free-Flow
    Strong Current, Eliminates Need for Knob to De-Tune Air Delivery
    Advance Technology Thru-Basic-Physics
  • Fluid Dynamic Deflector: Direct Airflow from Bypass Tube to Mouthpiece
  • 39.4" (100 cm) Rubber Hose with 3/8" Threads
  • Soft Hypoallergenic Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Dependable Downstream Valve Design
  • Weight: 12.5 oz. (354 g), w/Hose
  • Compatible Up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) Out-of-the-Box

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